BillMobile can be used to charge anywhere between £5 and £30, with a flat 9.9% fee on the transaction amount. This keeps things simple for mechants and means higher payouts regardless of the price charged.

We pay you 45 days after the end of the month


No chargebacks

Unlike credit and debit cards, BillMobile is not liable to chargebacks

No hidden charges

We do not add hidden fees, simply the 9.9% we advertise

Free receipt SMS

Every transaction your customer makes is followed by a receipt SMS

99% uptime

Our SLA provides 99% uptime, ensuring your transactions won't fail 

Recurring billing

BillMobile provides the ability to offer recurring payments 

Access to 60m subscribers

BIllMobile can be used by almost all UK mobile subscribers

Common Questions

Are all networks included?

Virgin Mobile and o2 Business are not included (less than 5% marketshare)

What is the spend limit?

The daily spend cap is £30 per mobile subscriber per service

Can I charge less than £5?

Yes it is possible to charge less than £5

What can I sell?

BillMobile is currently limited to digital content purchases only

Are there restrictions?

Services must not already use premium rate billing, or be adult in nature 

What is the SMS pin cost?

For charges over wi-fi, each pin code text message costs 2p